Secret Behind Smooth Silky Skin


I found this product 3 weeks ago and I am absolutely in love with it.  I even carried this product with me when I traveled to Belgium the past weekend!  It’s very popular for pregnant women as it helps to cure stretch marks so I figured it has to be powerful.  I am not pregnant but I wanted to try it to help cure scars and some small stretch marks around my body.  Plus, they claim to help against ageing skin!  For just about$10-20 a bottle, I figured this is a bargain 🙂


I purchased this small 60ml product and after a week of using it, I purchased another big 200ml bottle.  I mainly use this small product to travel and the big bottle to use at home.


They have a very detailed instructions on how to apply the product around your body.  They recommend applying the product twice a day and massaging it on your skin.


The texture is not as oily as other oils I often use.  It’s must more light but powerful.


My Personal Rating


It’s effective appearance of scars and stretch mark, smoothing out uneven skin tone.  Not sure if it’s as moisturizing as other oils but it’s a powerful product. Highly recommend!

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9 thoughts on “Secret Behind Smooth Silky Skin

      1. IDK? You can always just click on the icon/gravatar with the blog name and it will take you to that person’s blog. The longer you use Bio-Oil the better your skin will get. My fine lines, pores, acne scars and overall texture of my skin has dramatically changed. I have results like I have had dermabrasion treatments, but of course I haven’t. 😉


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